Hello world!

Whitney Lee Company has a BLOG! A place to share sessions, educate clients, and let you in a bit on my own personal life! This has been in the works for a while, and I cannot wait to build this permanent space to refer to.

photographer wearing a hat and holding her camera laughing towards the camera

I can start by introducing myself. I’m Whitney – a wife, mom, and photographer. I’ve worn many hats in my life, but building a family and making our house a home feels most important. What comes next? Capturing special moments. This is something I’ve always loved but I really leaned into it starting in 2020 when I dove in 100% to capture the the memories and milestones in YOUR lives! Welcome to this space, I’m so excited you’re here and that, if I don’t know you already, we have the possibility of meeting in the future!

I love shooting families, couples, and graduating seniors! My newest adventure is dipping into the world of weddings! Anyone who knows me knows that parties, details, and photos are a big part of my life and what better way to combine them all than at a WEDDING! I’ve LOVED my experiences so far as a wedding photographer and I cannot wait to capture more special moments in 2022…my biggest goal of the year!

In September I’ll celebrate my 10 year anniversary with my husband. We’ve built a life in Ventura County, CA where we live and raise our two daughters, Aubrey and Blake (7 and 5.5 years old). We got a quarantine puppy in 2020, River. She is a bernedoodle and we love her!

I spend my time taking photos, spending time with my family, taking care of our home, and being involved in my girls’ elementary school. I loved the fact that I spent the beginning years of my girls’ lives home with them! It was my greatest challenge and joy in life so far. What’s next? Whitney Lee Company…the newest baby. I love getting to know my clients, providing an amazing experience for them, and using my learned knowledge along the way to build a lasting business foundation – yay for that minor in Business Management from CSUN.

There will be more personal posts in the future, but for now I cannot wait to build a digital library of references about session expectations, helpful hints to prepare, and also to document my sessions and weddings! 

If you don’t already, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram where I have been sharing what goes on at Whitney Lee Company for the past year.

Thanks for being here, friend!



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